Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Ministry of "Drops"

The Ministry of Drops

Sometimes we place ministry in very complicated boxes. So much so, that many people feel they are not qualified, or that they have nothing of importance to offer.

I have found ministry to be as meaningful if not more when we look at the simple, less complicated ways we can minister or "serve" which is the original meaning of the word minister.
Since that is the case, all believers are first ministers and then a housewife, teacher,doctor ...you fill in the blank.

Many people of Trinidad and Tobago "travel" to get around. To travel means they take taxis, maxi taxis, the bus or walk. Sometimes they don't own cars or maybe there is only one car to the household...so they "travel". To pick up a taxi or maxi, most have to walk a ways to get to the main road to get a ride. When we see someone walking on our road to get to the junction for a ride, we often stop to pick them up to get them to the main road. This is called giving "a drop".  

Sooooooooo, we have the ministry of drops! 

What's your ministry? Think about a time when you really needed something or someone. Somewhere in that need, you probably needed someone to "serve" you, or minister to you.

When we have a "servants" heart, the Holy Spirit has a good vessel to speak to and work through.

Maybe when you first moved in to your house, you needed help to...or needed someone to...

What about:

A pizza for moving day
Childcare for a busy mom
A single rose or carnation just to say you care
Listening to the news and helping a family in need

How about doing one of these for a total stranger?

Obviously the ideas are limitless. 

My prayer for myself as well as you is that we would "see" the many opportunities daily that allow us to minister or serve in Jesus Name!

God help us to see and then help us to obey with servant hearts!