Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter = Hope

Perhaps you have lived enough "life stuff" to know you wouldn't be "stable" if it wasn't for Jesus. I know I have. When Easter comes each year, I am reminded of the dark moments the midst of my "life" story when I didn't think I could make it, when my mind and heart were playing tricks on me, when the enemy of my soul was speaking lies...then, when I focused on Jesus...the author and finisher of my faith, HOPE broke through!!!

Now, be patient with me...I need to talk about Christmas for a moment. I love Christmas...the sights and sounds and anticipation of it all. Trini's love Christmas...Food, Fun and Fellowship! Yep, it starts early and goes as long as possible. LOTS of special events lead up to December 25th and than thats not all...the day after Christmas is Boxing Day (another holiday). I love it! But...

I love Easter more...As great as the birth of Baby Jesus is, if Jesus had not followed through and finished the goal of the cross and the empty tomb, it would just be a nice story. He was born to die! He died to live! The Easter story of resurrection brings a Hope to every heart that the Christmas story alone can not do.

I have lived long enough to have life altering moments of loss. My story includes the loss of my daughter Alexandra. It has been 19 years now. She was born on Christmas Day and lived one day. I remember that Christmas Day as though it was yesterday. Christmas has never been the same for me. More importantly, however, Easter has never been the same for me. It took me awhile to come up for air after she died, but I will never forget the Easter after she died. As I stood at her grave, I thanked Jesus for the RESURRECTION! You see, He didn't just get STARTED with the job He came to do, He FINISHED the job!

So, as Jesus continues to write your story and mine, in the darkest moments...remember that EASTER = HOPE! A hope you can count on, breathe in, speak to, listen to and live for. Thank you Jesus that you came...but Thank you even more that you finished what you came for.