Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lizards and Spiders and Frogs Oh My!

So.....I was the last to go to bed one night and out of my left peripheral vision I saw movement on the wall. I looked and something fell off the wall onto the floor. I put my feet up on the ottoman and waited. Then I saw it jump! It was a frog. Actually, it was the second frog we have found in the house, the first was a tiny one and we tossed it out on the patio. I left this one alone and let it go to wherever frogs go...We have also had lizards in the house (not big ones) but they seem to feel at home here. Then there are the spiders. Dealing with spiders is what I have a husband and a daughter for, I take a quick glance and say "kill it" and they do their deed.

The last week and a half or so have been eventful. Melanie broke out in a rash that was serious enough, we decided to go to the free clinic to have it checked out. So...we went early in the morning and sat with about 100 sick people in a clinic that was not air-conditioned. Late afternoon she finally got in and they diagnosed chicken pox. There was no cost to the visit or for the medicine that was prescribed which was a blessing. The next evening we got a call from the Dilly's that their daughter Ailah was very sick and running a high temperature. Because it came on so quick, we felt it was necessary to get to a doctor right away. Our pastors wife, Sister Anne Marie Homer sprung into action and got people praying, she also called Pastor Quamina at First Open Bible who knew a doctor from his congregation that worked in emergency at the hospital. By the time we got there, there was a doctor waiting to usher Josh and Melanie and Ailah past the long lines and receive quick treatment. They drew blood and determined that Ailah has dengue, a virus caused by a mosquito bite. There is no treatment...she will have blood drawn in a couple of days to see if she needs to be hospitalized. The doctor at the hospital looked at Melanie and said it isn't chicken pox, so who knows...we think it may be shingles or latest diagnosis some type of fungus. Melanie thinks it might have been ring worm. The important thing's gone! On top of these health issues, there has been a heaviness the last few days. We decided today to take authority over the strategies of the enemy and had a time of prayer as a team. If you are reading this, would you take time to pray for our team as we combat the enemy who does not want us here. Thank You!'s been an interesting couple of weeks...Oliver, Abbie, Ashleigh and myself all got sick. Varying illnesses from flu to dengue. I think I made five trips to the hospital and the one to the clinic mentioned above. Not fun...But...we look for God sightings everywhere we go and we certainly have had more than one. The doctor that Pastor Quamina had waiting for us the first trip to the hospital was definitely one. Another trip to the hospital with Abbie, we finally got in to see the doctor and he looked at us and asked, "Are you Christians?" We said yes and he told us that he thought so and that he was also. He then asked if he could pray for us! What a sweet moment! Doctor Maicoo has given us his cell phone number and has told that he and his wife are doctors and would love to be available to our team for any medical needs. He wants us to come to a Sunday evening service at his church. Absolutely a God sighting!

So, we all seem to be well now. Thank you Jesus!

Mike spoke at the Bible College to a Missions class this last week. God continues to give us connections. We are blessed to be a blessing and we are trying to walk that out in the reality of life here in Trinidad and Tobago.

My friends Kris Beaird and Jeannie Rodgers from the U.S. were here this past week end. It was SO GOOD to see them. They came bringing a lady from Jeannie's church in Florida to speak at the WOW (Women of Worth) National Convention and then Jeannie preached at one of the Open Bible Churches up north. I needed the hugs and prayers!

We head into a full week. We have been invited to a staff meeting at First Church, we start a discipleship class at Marabella Thursday evening and hopefully we get our van this week! Please stop and pray for the paperwork to go smoothly and the right connections for some minor repair work.

All in all, we have purposed to see God in the midst of the "stuff". Christianity is not for whimps. We want to make Jesus look good in Trinidad and Tobago!

Well, we are on our way to put our absentee ballots in the mail and pay a few bills...

Until next time...that's my take on it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Team!

Finding a new kind of "normal" is easier said than done! Since coming back from Stateside orientation, getting all the housing logistics settled for the team amidst many interruptions and delays has taken a lot of energy. When I have had the time to write, I haven't had the clarity to write. I will try to give a glimpse into our life in Trinidad over the last month.

I want to start with a more recent event so that I can give kudos to the team. We had our first church service as a team a week ago last Sunday at Gasparilla Open Bible Church. I am so proud of the awesome job everybody did! Mike and I got up first and cast vision for the school and the need to raise up missionaries. Preacher man Nate gave a short testimony on his heart for the world, Abbie sang a song and Josh preached. The whole team prayed for people and we took time to pray for and bless the pastor. Melanie got up after the team prayed with people with a timely word about missions. We were there to bless them but the church blessed us in more than one way and we saw God do great things!

It's important that we have some "wins" because adjusting to a different culture is not easy. Overall the team is doing very well. It has been hard waiting for all the appliances for student housing, but we are now very close! The Kitchen is fully functional now and the patio where the washer and dryer are sitting has a new cover. We spoke to a man today that was working on getting the washer and dryer hooked up.

Transportation has been challenging. We have looked high and low for a twelve passenger van and still have not purchased one. We have a rented car right now that does not seat the whole team so Mike spends a great deal of time each day driving back and forth to get all of us to where we need to be. We have two vans in mind right now, so if you are reading this please stop right now and pray for the Lord to open up the right van for us! We have a mechanic looking at a possible van for us on Thursday of this week. Having our own vehicle that will hold all of us will make life and ministry possibilities much easier.

We are starting to get a feel for areas of ministry the Lord wants for us. We plan to visit a children's home soon, and we have been asked to have ministry to the elderly at Golden Jubilee where the team is living in the guest house. We also have possible ministry starting in a neighborhood that is mostly Hindu.

Our mornings are generally academic and our afternoons outreach. We are reading the book "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. We have had good discussion. We are in the 4th lesson of "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement." It has been good to be reminded that God is a Mission God. He has had the whole world in mind from day one. It is amazing to me how He sees me and He sees the world at the same time. It is amazing to me that I am part of His redemption story, my redemption yes...but also my partnership with God to reconcile the world to Him in order to bring Him the Glory due Him. My part is to partner with God in order for the nations to come into right relationship with Him...then His mission will be accomplished, and then "the end will come"! Believers want Jesus to return... but it is often for selfish reasons. Jesus won't return until every nation, tribe and tongue has people who know Jesus. So, what we don't want is for Jesus to return just to rescue us out of our life here, but for Him to come because He says, "mission accomplished"! Let's all do our part, so that what I said at the start of this blog is what we hear Jesus say... "Go Team"! Actually, He said it best..."Well done, my good and faithful servant"!

Until next time, that's my take on it!